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Pet Widget Badge

The Pet Widget badge serves both as an on demand identification resource and fashion accessory for your pet.

As a key source of information, this lightweight, waterproof tag is an indispensable accessory. Designed to empower pet owners with the ability to control the information displayed on the profile whenever, wherever. 
  • On-demand identification
  • Pet’s data stored in the cloud
  • No Subscription fees
  • Accessible with any Smartphone
  • Works with any web browser
  • Integrated mobile app
  • Lightweight and waterproof
  • Available in a variety of colours
Click here to download Pet Widget Badge Product Information Sheet 

Pet Widget Badge Lite

The Pet Widget Badge Lite is the simple, intelligent, no-brainer upgrade to your pet’s ID tag that will help reunite you, and your pet, if it’s ever lost. It links with your pet’s profile created in the Pet Widget app, so it can be identified and returned quickly if they get lost.

Ready for the pool, the beach, and beyond, its durable design can withstand the toughest conditions, no problem. It’s no larger than 2cm in diameter, and weighs only 2 grams, making it suitable for smaller pets too.
  • Accurate GPS logging system – Provides last scanned location
  • Accessible with any smartphone or web browser
  • Display emergency information like allergies
  • No additional mobile app required to access lost pet’s profile
  • No subscription fees
  • No batteries | No charging
  • Lightweight & waterproof
  • Weighs 3 grams
Click here to download Pet Widget Badge Lite Product Information Sheet 
Pet Widget Badge Lite
Pet Widget Badge Lite Info

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