Like you, we only want the best for ourselves and our animals.

Our range of New Zealand Made all natural products clean and soothe the skin and coats of dogs and horses around the world. Our range of Soaps, 100% Natural Spritzers and Shampoos are natural, safe and sustainable products that really work. They’re equally as, or more effective than the synthesized alternatives that you find everywhere, minus all the nasties.

Nature is a powerful force and has already created the finest ingredients so you won’t find any synthetic nasties like parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances or colours in our range. Our ingredients are spray-free or organic and all our products are cruelty free.

Being sustainable and ethical aren’t just trendy terms at WashBar. To us, they are a way of life.

We’re committed to making a difference – not just for animals, but for our community and the planet too.


Original WashBar Soap for Dogs

  • One bar goes a long way – it’s the equivalent of over 600ml of liquid shampoo
  • Easy to use, fits neatly in the palm of the hand and makes it easier to wash the underside of a dog
  • Lathers well and economical when compared with shampoos
  • A fresh clean lemony smell
  • Yes, you can use it on yourself

Horse & Hound Shampoo Bar Contents

  • Horse & Hound Shampoo Bar isn’t just a larger version of the Original WashBar Soap for Dogs. It’s made with a few different ingredients – like the Original Bar it has Neem oil in it (but more of it to make it stronger) as well as Manuka, Kanuka and Lemon Myrtle oils to work their magic.
  • It’s ideal for horses, dogs, cattle, goats, pigs – anything with skin, hair or fur that needs cleaning. And yes it can be used on people – it’s a great shampoo for itchy scalps.
  • With the equivalent of over a litre of shampoo, there’s a mighty amount of goodness and cleaning in every bar.

100% Natural Daily Spritzers for Dogs

You want your dog to smell fresh and pleasant all the time without overwhelming it with chemical shampoos and synthetic fragrances.

WashBar 100% Natural Daily Spritzers aren’t just perfumes or colognes – they’re so much more: coat freshener, bedding spray, deodorant.

What’s really different about our spritzers is they are genuinely 100% natural. There’s no alcohol in them to irritate sensitive skin and everything in the bottle is directly derived from a plant, or pure, clean water from New Zealand.

Ideal for keeping the dog smelling fresh between baths, or to make your dog smell nice at the home or in the car, or when the dog smells and it’s too cold, too wet or simply too inconvenient to give it a wash – give it a quick spritz instead.

  • Citrus+Manuka is a fresh everyday scent, and guys won’t complain that you’ve made their dog smell girly.
  • Lavender+Primrose will appeal if you’re looking for a more traditional fragrance for your dog, at the same time giving a calming effect on the pet. It’s also suitable for use on cats and small pets.
  • Spritzers are easy to use – shake bottle and spray liberally onto your pet’s coat - one or two squirts for a very small dog up to 6 or more for a big 60kg+ dog. It’s totally safe, you can’t overdo it. If your dog is nervous about being sprayed with something, spray into your hands and gently rub through their coat. Very safe to use for pet owners who suffer from allergies or irritations as the ingredients are all natural. 

Natural Shampoo Range Contents

  • WashBar shampoo uses a natural surfactant that has a soft lathering action, creating the ideal consistency for working into all types of coats, which rinses out easily.
  • WashBar use a NZ made, 100% natural preservative developed for use in high-end human skincare and cosmetic products.
  • Citrus+Manuka: Leaves a fresh lemony smell using Lemon Myrtle and Manuka Pure Essential Oils.
  • Lavender+Primrose: Traditional warm floral smell with calming qualities. Evening Primrose Oil helps repair and nourish skin.
  • Neem Fresh: Contains extra Neem together with Pure Essential oils of Manuka, Cedarwood, Rosemary and Peppermint. 
  • Argan+Lavender Puppy Shampoo: Puppies have the most sensitive skin. You need to be careful about what you put on your puppy’s skin, just like you would with babies and children.  The ingredients we use to make WashBar Puppy Shampoo are safe and will not overwhelm their delicate skin. We only use the highest quality pure essential oils to create an uncomplicated formulation using six simple ingredients, compared to chemical based puppy shampoos with over 20 ingredients. Our Puppy Shampoo uses Olive and Coconut oils as a base to create a low foaming lather that rinses out easily. There’s no preservatives, stabilizers or PH buffers – all nasties that could compromise the health and wellbeing of a puppy. We use the highest quality Moroccan Argan oil, and Lavender oil grown in New Zealand’s South Island. It’s the simplest, low allergenic shampoo for puppies available.

Paw Balm Contents

  • WashBar Paw Balm is 100% natural, suitable for daily use and uses an exciting combination of oils in organic beeswax to create a balm which is ideal to use when paws have become dry or damaged through heat, cold or general hard work.
  • In the hot summer months surfaces such as tarmac on roads, concrete footpaths, hot sand on beaches & play areas get very hot. This can cause damage & a great deal of discomfort to paws. WashBar Paw Balm can help relieve that discomfort & begin to repair the damage, moisturising & nourishing the skin.
  • Paw Balm is also ideal for working dogs. Dogs that run all day on rough terrain or gravel need a bit of extra TLC at the end of the day. Regularly rubbing WashBar Paw Balm onto working feet helps keep them in top condition.
  • It strengthens pads by helping them toughen up yet staying flexible to avoid cracking.
  • Paw Balm is easy to apply, is safe if dogs lick it off and absorbs well yet still leaves a protective coat. It doesn’t sting so dogs don’t mind it and it heals cuts & scrapes exceptionally well.




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